Whiteline Anti-lift Kit Installation

Written by: Dzaster

     Okay, there really is nothing to installing it but that you install it as directions say.

     Getting the old bushing off is what we're really here for.

     I came across a write up where a member there, by the user name Rory, did a full writeup on changing out both control arm bushings--front and rear. However, he did it while control arm was off the car.

     So what I wanted to do is get us a writeup, but this will be how to get the bushing off while the control arm is still on the car.

What you'll need:

     Pictures of the kit:

     So you jack up the car, put it on jack stands, take off the old shackles and take off told bushings. Wait . . . .the dang bushing is fused to a metal sleeve that is wrapped around the pin that the new Whiteline offset poly urethane bushing needs to go on. What the . . . ! Like I said that's what we're here for.

     Everything to the left of the line needs to come off so that only the control arm pin is left.

     Here is the pin that the arrow points to.

     What we need to do first is take the saw or knife and cut off a portion of the rubber bushing so we can see the metal sleeve that wraps the control arm pin. Like so . . .

     Next we get out the grinder and grind off a portion metal sleeve flat so that we can start to see the control arm pin. It will form a small crack. I ground a little bit more further after the hairline crack--may not have been necessary. Watch out not to go too deep into the pin. Also, you only need to go to the large washer type thing.

     Now you take your hammer and tap on the washer to slide the bushing and its metal sleeve off. No picture here, but you basically tap the washer thing that I said "no need cut" and it should just slide off now.

     However, you will not able to slide the bushing all the way off the pin because the rear of the control arm needs to be pried down away from the chassis.

     Then just tap it with the hammer in one hand and the pry bar pulling down in the other hand. In this pic the washer thing is still on but needs to come off too. It should be really loose and just slide off.

     Now grease up the new Whiteline bushing and the control arm pin. Pry down the control arm again, and slide the new bushing over the pin.

     Go ahead and put on the shackle and slide the anti-lift plate under. I put the elongated hole on the anti-lift plate facing the inside of the car.

     Then I torqued the bolts lightly to where I could still move the shackle and control arm to make max out the caster. You now need to pry this general area to move the shackle towards the outside of the car until it stops. When you get shackle to max out and touch the bolts you have to try and hold the control arm there and lock down the bolts.

     Now just do that to the other side, drop the car down, and take it for a spin.

     It's recommended that you get an alignment--which I will after I will in the next couple weeks. However, I felt no obvious misalignment, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need it.

     Side note: I removed the tires and unbolted the end-link on my front sway-bar where it attached to the control arm. Not sure it was necessary, but probably made for an easier install.