Written by: Iced Mugg

     Have you ever see minor rust bubble up on your ride and wondering how to win the war? Well, I recently found some in my interior, and it infuriated me! So, to keep it from spreading, I waged war!
     Here is my army. It consists of kleen strip rust converter and stiff wire brushes for a drill, also known as muleskinners.

     Start off by identifying where all your rust is. Then, use the drill in the clockwise or tighten position and brush out all the rust.

     Now that all the rust is gone, you should be left with little pits like this.
     If this is on the exterior, you can featheredge the edges of the paint with a sanding block with 180 or 220 grit.

     Next, apply the rust converter. A couple thin coats should do. This goes on clear and turns purple and then black as it reacts with the rust.

     Then later it'll look like this after it calayzes. This stuff is sandable primer btw.

>      Then use acid etching primer to etch into the other primer and what bare metal is there.

     Both of these primers are sandable. Its recommended to sand with 400-600 wet or dry. But, I would use a professional surfacer to spray over the top of this and sand again with 400-600 to assure no sandscratches and proper paint adhesion.